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Spiddal Mobile Home Park Services

Private Park

Our park is private and exclusively for our clients only.  We rent mobile homes on our caravan park.   Please see Caravan and Camping page for more information.


We have a reception office on our park and we are always available for clients to make appointments or orders and deal with any queries you may have.  We live on the park for your service and safety.

Experienced Personnel

We have experienced and fully-qualified plumbers, gas installers, electricians and other services available to all of our clients.  We are always happy to assist any of our clients with any problems that may arise with the maintenance of their mobile.  We have been invovled in the mobile home industry with over 20 years experience.

Decking & Sheds

We can order and install a deck to your mobile designed to suit you.  We install garden sheds by your mobile if you should want one.

Laundry Facilities

We provide washing machine & dryer faculties to all our clients.

Picnic Area

As our park is spread out there is lovely picnic and rest areas.

Play Area

There is a play area for children on our park.


We maintain the safety of our park by using security gates and CCTV.


There is free wireless throughout our park. 

Caravan & Camping Park

March - October: Open

November - February: By Request.


Spiddal Mobile Home Park Location Map